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Ancestral corn is at the heart of the cuisine at Alma. We work with nixtamalized corn from Juan's home state of Tlaxcala and from Oaxaca, where we married and lived before opening Alma. Nixtamalization is an ancient Pre-Columbian method that allows the quality of the farmer's work to shine and allows the masa to take on an incredible taste and texture.  Alma is one of the first restaurants in Canada to work with nixtamalized corn and to highlight the richness of Mexico's culinary history. 

Just like our work with wine, the idea is to transmit the human aspect of our passions directly to the table. The quality of the raw material, whether it be corn or grapes, guides us every step of the way.  



Our wine list highlights the most exciting natural wines

from the Catalan and Spanish winemakers, most of whom we work with directly through our importing agency, Vin i Vida.  

We have built a wine cellar that is overflowing with our favorite natural wines from Catalunya and Spain, often exclusively available at Alma. The wines are meticulously aged in order to share older vintages and present these jewels at their optimum state. 

During the "menu carte blanche" experience, you will have the opportunity to taste the treasures of our cellar by the glass or by the bottle. 



Domaine Yoyo  /  Foulards Rouges  /  Les Vins du Cabanon   Mataburro  /  Domaine Matassa 

Danjou-Banessey  /  Pedres Blancas  /  Bruno Duchêne  /  Cosmic Vinyaters  /  Vinyas d’Empremta

Oriol Artigas  /  Anna Marti  /  Clos Lentiscus  /  Finca Parera  /  Amor per la Terra  /  Mas Candi 

La Salada  /  Celler Tiques  /  Tanca Els Ulls  /  Joan Ramon Escoda  /  Celler Tuets  /  Sicus  /  Celler Frisach

Laureano Serres  /  La Perdida  /  Nanclares y Prieto  /  Bodega Cota 45  /  Muchada Leclepart

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