Montréal joie de vivre at its best.

Alma is a neighbourhood bar à vin on Avenue Lajoie, in the heart of Montreal’s Outremont borough, just steps from the bustling Avenue Van Horne. “Soul” in Spanish, Alma is the result of a decade long dream and melding of passions of Juan Lopez Luna (chef-owner of Farine in Montreal’s Mile End) and Lindsay Brennan (sommelier, natural wine aficionado and importer at Vin Dame Jeanne). It is the interpretation of a dining experience where wine inspires food and food inspires wine.

Centered on simplicity, pleasure, sharing and discovery, geared away from pretention. It is an escape into a European wine bar experience, showcasing Quebec’s local and fresh produce, and the Montréal joie de vivre at its best.

“From creative and shareable small plates to a large terrasse, the Outremont establishment offers a lively summer scene.”

– Montreal Gazette

A coastal cuisine

Evening menu : Composed of coastal Mediterranean flavours, including Catalan favorites, with a focus on fresh seafood, local produce, and handmade pasta. The cuisine is wine-friendly and largely inspired by chef-owner Juan Lopez Luna’s travels and work experiences in Paris, coastal Campania, the island of Ischia and Barcelona. Constantly changing, the menu follows the ebbs and flows of the seasons.

Weekend Lunch (Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm to 5pm) : A nod to our former restaurant, Farine, our lunch menu is available on the weekends. Seafood, fresh pasta, vermouth on ice and Catalan wine flowing! Open all afternoon. The evening menu begins at 5pm.

Wines packed with energy

The wine list is composed of hand-selected artisanal wines, largely curated by Lindsay (Vin i Vida) who spent the last two years travelling and working extensively with natural winemakers in rural Catalunya. Short but precise, and ever changing to jive with the menu, it showcases pure and living wines packed with energy and precision. With a heavy focus on the region of Catalunya, on the French and Spanish side, the list features wines from dear friends and colleagues whose wines are recently arriving in Quebec for the first time. Juan and Lindsay work closely together to ensure that the menu and the wine list work in harmony, allowing the food and the wine to shine collectively.

1231 Avenue Lajoie,
Outremont, Montreal, QC H2V 1P2


Nous serons fermés du 23 Décembre 2019 au 11 Février 2020 pour nos vacances de l’année! Joyeux temps de fêtes à tous! On évite le pire de l’hiver Montréalais pour aller visiter nos vignerons en Catalogne…on reviendra avec plein de belles trouvailles et d’inspiration !

Au plaisir de vous revoir en Février 2020 !

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We will be closed from the 23rd of December 2019 to the 11th of February 2020 for our annual vacation!  Happy holidays to everyone! We are fleeing the worst of the Montréal winter in exchange for beautiful wines and inspiration in Catalunya !

Look forward too seeing you in February 2020!

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